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EDGE OF TIME (Short Film)

This is the short film that I made in my last year at Uni with my friend Tumen Altangadas.

Character Designs and assets - Tumen-Erdene Altangadas 
Weapon Designs and assets - Akashdeep Sen 
Environment - Tumen-Erdene Altangadas 
Animation - Akashdeep Sen,Tumen-Erdene Altangadas,
Story - Akashdeep Sen, Tumen-Erdene Altangadas,

Storyboard- Akashdeep Sen 
VFX and Composition - Tumen-erdene Altangadas, Akashdeep Sen
Lighting  - Tumen-erdene Altangadas 
Sound Design - Akashdeep Sen,Tumen-Erdene Altangadas

Special thanks to Laurent Auclair.

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