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Akashdeep Sen

Passionate 3D Artist who loves CGI and VFX. Enjoys Digital Sculpting, Modelling, Shading, and Digital Matte Painting.  With strong knowledge of Visual Development. As a concept designer and a 3D Artist I have a deep affection for unique realistic design and composition. Which can be applied for both Films/Video games.

Some other generalist skill with a strong background of Illustration, Sculpture, Storyboard, Cinematography.


I am a 3D concept artist, 3D modeller, shader and matte-painter. Below you can find details of my experience along with some other interesting information. Feel free to look around and you can also download my resume.


My Name is Akashdeep Sen, I am an Australian Artist, Born in India. Started drawing at the age of one and learned as I grew up.  As a teenager I moved to Sydney by myself to chase my dreams. I'm very passionate about my work, and am constantly learning and looking to improve my workflow and broaden my creative skills. I am inspired by the work of my father Ratan Sen, along with Michelangelo, Glen Keane, Jung gi Kim, Ian Spriggs. And CGI Films like The Matrix, Terminator 2 : Judgement day, Avatar, Avengers Infinity War, Dune which played a big part in my life. And helps me to stay focused and work harder to reach my goals. Now working in the VFX industry for past 4 years.


Ratan Sen

Senior Artist/Art Director


In 1965 he started drawing and sculpting at a very young age. He is the first person in West Bengal (or in India, Unknown) to sculpt realistic model with polystyrene sheets in 1966-67. Self taught artist who stood, watched and learned any creative work which interested him. Graduated on Commercial Art as First Class First.(No.1 in rank) from Government Art college of Kolkata, India. He was a Senior Artist in Anandabazar Patrika (leading Newpaper company in India), and Freelanced all over India. Co-Founder/Art Director of Netaji Sanga Club. Architect of various Religious Temples. Art Teacher and motivator of many. Now retired and enjoys realistic painting and concept art. 


As there were no social media and internet like today, the world couldn't came to know his legacy.

He is always being my hero and inspiration. Still so much to learn from him.

                                                                                                             Love and Respect

His incredible works




Temple Design

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